Sizing Guide

Our collections are tailor made for a specific model. The best way if you want to purchase it for another model or design is to measure both the length of your existing shoelace and the eyelet diameter. This is to ensure that both the length and width is compatible.

Note: Adidas Ultra Boost have particularly small eyelets so do look at our Ultra Boost collection for those laces.

Our Metal Tips Diameter: 3mm

A rough sneaker lace guide based on length 

  • 2 pairs of eyelets - 27" (70 cm)
  • 3 pairs of eyelets - 32" (80 cm)
  • 4 pairs of eyelets - 36" (90 cm)
  • 5 pairs of eyelets - 39" (100 cm)
  • 6 pairs of eyelets - 43" (110 cm)
  • 7 pairs of eyelets - 47" (120cm)
If we have not made any laces for a shoe model, design or length that you want just contact us at